Tribe Studios


Dramagame is created by Tribe Studios Ltd.

We believe that the best game developers can give the gaming public much more. We believe in the end of grinding and domination. We believe in massively emergent stories. In truly social multiplayer gameplay. Therefore we pour our blood and sweat into Dramagame.

Tribe Studios was founded in autumn 2010 and shortly after won the Startup Sauna with the Dramagame platform. The first entertainment Dramagame is now in closed beta and available online at

We are currently working on a Serious Dramagame that teaches individuals and teams the skills they need in future working environments. This production is done together with Altonova.


The Team


All emails are firstname.lastname at


Elina Arponen


Chieftain, founder

Elina used to work at Digital Chocolate for five years where her last position was Technology Team Manager. She was leading projects both locally and globally. She has a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Special Vocational Degree in Leadership. Now she is destined to spread the message that we can make high quality gaming available for everyone, even those of us who would easily deem ourselves too busy for such entertainment.

Stuff she does: Business development, Partner relations, Funding, Budget, PR & media, Customer analysis, Customer service, Website content


Ville-Kalle "VK" Arponen


Herdsman, founder

Ville-Kalle used to work at Bugbear Entertainment as Scrum Master and Lead Programmer and released Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, Sega Rally and Ridge Racer:Unbounded. Before Bugbear he worked on mobile game dev, eLearning design and the web. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science. Now he makes sure that his highly talented super team is achieving and following the same creative vision. He believes that games should grow up with their diversifying and aging audience and that talent from the retail games industry has treasures to give to the newly awakened gaming population. He is the Chairman of the Board.

Stuff he does: Creative and strategic vision, Analysis, HR, Processes, Design, Programming, Scripting


Heikki Vehmas


Shaman, founder

Heikki grew up with Bugbear Entertaiment from a 3D Modeller via a Lead position to the Technical Artist in charge of production pipelines and Technical Art Direction. He was involved in all Bugbear productions to date. He has a unique talent as an artist to see and use the technical possibilites of both inhouse as well as commercial tools. Heikki also has a deep interest in human psychology which helps the tribe in game design.

Stuff he does: Art asset creation, Media/PR asset rendering, 3D Modeling and Texturing, Character animation, Art pipeline design, Technical art direction, User experience and game design.


Timo "Tiki" Kämäräinen


Witch Doctor, founder

Timo used to work at Bugbear Entertainment most recently as Technical Director, developing titles such as Ridge Racer:Unbounded, Sega Rally and Flatout 2. Before Bugbear he worked with an ambitious startup in the Netherlands as an artist on the Gary Gygax Lejendary Adventure MMO. His MMO-team soon realized that letting him loose as a programmer armed with artistic talent equaled magical technology. His artistic dedication on technical design has made our Twist codebase beautiful even in places that no-one is supposed to look at.

Stuff he does: Technical vision and mastery, Modular network code, Servers, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Game Programming, Tools Programming


Jaakko "HC" Väyrynen


Totem Animal

Jaakko has become a revered network programmer in Taika, Mountain Sheep, Chat Republic and Bugbear releasing numerous multiplayer games. Jaakko has a professional zen attitude towards everything. He channels his totemic powers to any and every technical problem that comes his way.

Stuff he does: Network programming, Network security, Service backend and plugin programming, Graphics and multiplatform programming and optimization, Game/UI programming and design


Antero Hynynen



Antero has long experience in creating web applications. He was working five years at Sulake working on Irc-galleria. Antero is fluent with many web technologies that include an impressive amount of three and four letter acronyms. Antero looks at the big picture and finds intelligent solutions and designs to customers' problems.

Stuff he does: UX design, frontend and backend programming, databases, payment solutions

All members of the tribe participate actively in some or all of our common hobbies. We all play computer and board games. We play floorball every Tuesday and Friday (sähly). We make music in Exit Plan, which publishes a nonprofessional song each month in the Monthly Music Club. We publish small noncommercial games in the Monthly Game Club just for the fun of it.