Join Us for the Game Cave - a Serious Gaming Event on November 17 2014

The Game Cave banner

Join us for The Game Cave - a serious gaming event, organized by the Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (SGC). The event is being held on 17 November 2014, 17-19, at the Playful Learning Center (University of Helsinki) in Helsinki, Finland. Along with 14 other Finnish serious gaming companies, we will be demoing our games at the event. Welcome to try out our innovative Dramagame technology!

Attendees will be able to play our latest serious game, ClosingGame. The game simulates a sales meeting with one player being the buyer and the other seller. Will you be able to close all the four doors of sales process and close the deal? Closing Game is based on our own patent pending technology, Dramagame.

The Game Cave is being held on the eve of Slush — the biggest startup and technology event in the Northern Europe. The event is free of charge.

Click here to register now for The Game Cave!

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